I love the new Visa commercials. The longest one is my favorite, the one that starts with the baby. The Visa website is cleverly designed to inhibit the transfer of any of their ads, so you'll have to follow the link at the bottom of this page to see any of it. Isn't that really shooting themselves in the foot? If I were to put one of their ads in my blog just because I liked it so much, wouldn't that be free advertising for them? Oh well, their loss, I guess.

Addendum: I figured out how to get the pics, but to be fair, you should visit their website anyway.

Ad Transcript:

What are you waiting for? A written invitation to participate in life? Well, you have one. It's called a birth certificate. So, what does life take? Life takes ambition and practice. It takes luck. Life takes tradition. It takes exploration and wonder. It takes confidence and respect. It takes determination and talent. It takes risk and joy. Life takes spontaneity. It also takes a little help. That's where we come in, to give you the freedom to experience life the way you want. So go on, live life, and remember that no matter what it takes, life takes Visa.